Applying Luther’s Catechism ESV



Product Description

Students learn the Six Chief Parts of Christian Doctrine through a review of Luther’s Small Catechism. Each lesson introduces and develops the topic, then allows the student to respond with real-life applications of the material learned.

Lessons are keyed to the English Standard Version Bible.

The Teacher Guide includes lesson plans that contain:
•Law/Gospel Focus
•Background reading
•Confirmation Builder Connection
•Extending the Lesson
•Involving the Family

Each lesson is developed through three sections: Into the Lesson, Into the Word, and Into our Lives. The lesson plan includes a reduced version of the Student Book pages with answers. The guide also includes reproducible activity sheets and unit tests.

This confirmation course is arranged in five units, with a total of 60 lessons:

Unit 1—God’s Will (Law and Gospel; the Ten Commandments)
Unit 2—God’s Love (The Apostles’ Creed)
Unit 3—God’s Invitation (The Lord’s Prayer)
Unit 4—God’s Gifts (Confession and the Sacraments)
Unit 5—God’s Grace for a New Life (Confirmation and the Table of Duties)

This confirmation course can be used with the One in Christ edition of God’s Action Plan, which provides a Bible survey so that students have a knowledge of Bible stories that reveal God’s unfolding plan of salvation before catechism instruction.