Splash Canyon Starter Kit


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Product Description

Strap on your life jacket and get ready for a rip-roaring river ride with Splash Canyon: God’s Promise on Life’s Wild Ride. Our all-inclusive 2018 VBS Starter Kit includes materials for 6 rotational sites, sample crafts, keepsakes, and other student essentials. It also includes music videos and scores, lesson and decorating posters, decorating tutorials, volunteer training materials, and access to the VBSMate online registration tool.



Starter Kit Contents:

Director Guide*
Program Overview DVD
Pastor’s Overview Guide
Early Childhood Guide*
Music Guide, plus song-action videos*
Opening/Closing Guide, plus skit scripts*
Bible Challenge Guide*
Storytelling Guide*
Craft Guide
Snack Guide
Games Guide
Mission Project Flyer
Free VBSMate Online Registration
Decorating Posters (4 — 43″ × 60″)
Bible Story Posters (5 — 22″ × 17″)
Memory Verse Posters (5 — 22″ × 17″)
Tote Bag
Publicity Postcard Sample
Publicity Poster Sample
Woodcut Décor Sample
*     Includes CD and/or DVD content

Student Essentials Sampler:
Early Childhood Leaflet & Stickers
New! Early Elementary Leaflet
Elementary Leaflet
Passalong CD/DVD
Collectible Set
Team Identifier
Offering Envelope

Craft Sampler:
God-with-Us-Basket Raft
Memorial Stone Medallion
Safe Harbor Sand Art Craft
God’s Promise Cross
Holy Spirit Dove

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